Remember Me

When you remember me it means you have carried something of who I am with you and I have left some mark of who I am on who you are. It means that you can summon me back to your mind even though countless years and miles may stand between us. ... It means that even after I die, you can still see my face and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart.” [from Fred Beuchner, poet and writer] 

Our Deceased Classmates

 Dorothy Louise (Ramer) Anderson

James Franklin Barco

Charles Edmund Barineau

Diana (Roth) Bailey

Alan Paul Barney

Loy Jean Batchelor

Bobbie Ann (Howell) Bennett

Brian Patrick (Richardson) Boyer

John A. Bramlett

Jerry Rogers Bruce

George Cravey Brand

Sterling W. Branche

Sara Sue (Richardson) Brewer

Joseph Michael Brown

Sharron Yvonne (Williams) Brown

Joellyn (Ward) Bush

Roland Joseph Carroll III

Judith Anne (Long) Chase

John H. Chason Jr.

William Robert Chesser

Connie (Brady) Church

Charles Carter Clifton

Douglas Ryan Cooke

Cecile (Joyner) Core

Jack R. Crutchfield Jr.

William (Bill) Vernon Davis

Patricia A. Dawkins

Ellen (Eikman) Dillon

Kathryn (Yent) Duren

Carolyn Ann (Mills) Fain

James Joseph Frohock

Reba Estelle (Foshee) Gerrell

Connie Joann (Brown) Gresham

Harold F. Gibbs

Julian William Giddens

Ruth Gail (Jones) Godbold

James Wesley Harris

Maurice H. Hartsfield

Mary Catherine (Fitzgerald) Heiges

Richard F. Hoffman

Brooks Middleton Holloway

Betty Lou (Schwatken) Hussey

Frances Louise Hutchinson

Gloria Jean (Harvell) Ireland

Francine Madlyn (Casey) Kalfas

Johnny Edgar Kever

Sharon Veranne (Vause) LaHayne

William Glen Lawhon

Palmer Jean Lee

Sandra Gail Lewis

Robert Lynn Mathis

William George McCue Jr.

Gayle  (Landrum) McKenzie

Mary Ann (LaBrie) McLeod

Jim Harold McRory

Johnny Elizabeth (Narkinsky) McNeil

Priscilla (Pace) Moore

Edward Moras

Sarah (Gewirz) Myers

Robert Madison Moye

Warren Richard Mowell

Carl Lock Parker

Judy (McRory) Parks

Dale Marion Pichard

Michael Wayne Pike

Charles Rayburn Powell

Rachel Clyde (Strickland) Poitevint

John Shirk Ray 

Charles Dennis Register

Steve W. Runyan

Linda Gail (Lambert) Rice

Betty (Pitman) Roath

Mary Jane (Miller) Roberts

Thomas Blue Sanderson

Lewis Davis Shiplee, III

Thomas Lee Simmons

Robert Thomas Singleton 

Shellie Frances Slade

Allen Ray Smith

Virginia Clair (Johnson) Smith 

Lucreshia (Elder) Spratt

George Ritchie Sorrie

Elizabeth Cassell (McConn) Stanley

Philip Gregory Stoutamire

Judy (Echols Tallent) Tumlin

Paul Francis Thompson

Ann Wallar Turner

Faye (LeClaire) Vause

Henry Thomas Vinson

Thomas Leonard Wade III

Wallis "Jack" Walker, Jr.

Roy "Buster" Warmack Jr.

Jesse Farley Warren III

Edward Wilk Watson

Thelma Marie (Courson) Wester

Joyce Yvonne (Whitaker) Wester

Anthony Jerome Whetstone

Howard Lloyd White

Eddie Diamond Whitehead 

Patricia Ann (Phinazee) Windsor