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The Class of 1958

We graduated high school during a very interesting time.  1958 was a very good year.  So many things were being discovered, technology was bursting at the seams.  The transistor had just begun to replace vacuum tubes.  Color TV was just around the corner.  School integration was being introduced into the South.  We were very fortunate to have grown up in the be-bop era.  However, things were not always peaches and cream.   

A Year of History and "first"

The Leon High graduating class of 1958 was the "first" seventh grade class to attend the new Elizabeth Cobb middle school.   In prior years, students attended Leon High School in the seventh grade.  

Upon graduation from Cobb, we entered our High School year at Leon under a new curriculum.  Academic courses were divided into three lines:  liberal, general and college preparatory.  We found the building had a new look for the "first" time since it's construction.  Enrollment soared making it the largest in the school's history.  More Lion's Tale annuals were sold than ever before.

George Beal, class of '58, became the "first" Leon Senior to win a National Merit Scholarship.  Our class was the "first" to hear, "no final exams for seniors" ...  and the "first" to "sign up" for Florida State University's Doak Campbell Stadium for graduation exercises.  

Perhaps, the thing that that will be remembered most is February 13th, when the class of 1958 became the "first" seniors who have ever been able to say "It really snowed in Tallahassee."  It set a record of three inches that day on February 13, 1958.

Leon High School Alma Mater

Written in 1934 by "coach" C.H. Blake

The red clay hills of Tallahassee 

Harbor memories dear 

Memories of our dear old high school 

That we all revere. 

May we ever bring thee glory 

Always honor thee, 

Keeping burning deep inside us, 

Fires you kindled there. 

To Leon, To Leon 

We all sing to thee 

Faithful we’ll always be 

To our dear old Alma Mater 

We love thy classic halls 

Forever more 

Loyal and ever true 

Leon to you!

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