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Class of '58


Levis, tee-shirts, penny loafers, hoop skirts, sweaters and bobby socks were the dress code during our wonderful years at Leon.  We cannot move time backwards nor should we.  However, for a few days we can bring back those wonderful memories and renew old friendships.  Get ready for another big one! ..... our 2015 class reunion is only a few months away.  Break out those old photos, scrap books, articles and news clippings.  This is your web site and it has been designed with you in mind.  We can help get you started by sharing information.  Go ahead, make contact with someone you haven't seen since our 50th reunion or longer.   

Check back often for Home Room and Reunion information and for  news events, changes or additional interesting information.  If you have any questions send them to

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Leon High School, the oldest and best.  It was founded in 1871, only six years after the conclusion of the Civil War and only twenty-six years after Florida became a state.  During its one hundred thirty-three year history, Leon High School has been housed in three different facilities and finally came to rest in its present location with the construction of a three story building in 1936.  That building still stands and is an integral part of Leon High today.  It was declared a national landmark in 1994.

Leon is Florida's oldest continually accredited high school.  It has always been among the state's leaders in National Merit Scholars,  SAT scores and has established a tradition of excellence including all areas of academics, performing arts as well as sports--second to none.  Leon has trained many of Florida's prominent citizens, including former governors, congressmen, senators, lawyers, doctors and even an Academy Award winner.  Click here to visit the Leon High web site for more information.



The Marching Redcoats continue "a tradition of excellence".   Brett Pikuritz is the band director.  He attended Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda, FL where he was the drum major for the Silver King Marching Band.  He attended FSU, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Music degree.  He was a proud member of the Marching Chiefs.  Mr. Pikuritz is in his second year as director.  The Marching Redcoats have achieved yet another year of "superior" ratings at state music contest. This achievement is unprecedented within the state of Florida. The Marching Redcoats record has not been duplicated and continues unbroken for the past fifty-eight years.

This legacy began under the direction of Mr. Oliver Hobbs. A Marching Redcoats band reunion was held in March 2007, commerating the memory of Mr. Hobbs.  Anyone who was in the band in the past was invited to attend and participate. Those who continue to play their instrument were privileged to play at a Friday evening memorial concert hosted by the Leon Symphonic and Concert bands.  It was a wonderful evening topped off by the Tallahassee, Swing Band, directed by Elliot Toole.  They played tunes from the Oliver Hobbs dance band era, i.e. Tuxedo Junction, Stardust, Caravan, In the Mood and others.  Kudos! to the Redcoats.
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